The documents, slides and videos are available only in Italian for now, but we are working on translating all of them.


DeFi Report

What is DeFi? How does it work? How to use it? In this first free report we will go through the basics of DeFi and how it is different from from CeFi (centralized finance). This free report is the introduction to our next reserved area that will we open on DeFi in collaboration with Bcademy.

Business Plan 2022

The business plan of the Tribeke Token in 2022 where we put down objectives, talk about the mission and what we could include next this year, along with the model that sustains the crypto. This is the first official document of the TRBK.

White Paper

The term “white” comes from the meaning “public”. This document is the plan with the company’s objectives that helps people take informed decisions. This is what you will find in this document: the community, the services, the lifecycle of the token and an in-depth look at the technology behind it.

Naming & Identity

In a market that sees the constant rise and fall of new cryptocurrencies, the difference between failure and success is (as always) community, values, background and mission. In this document you will find the analysis of the naming, visual identity and a small style guide. We will talk about the Tribeke Token but also about Tribeke itself.


Crypto Nights

Webinar Naming & Identity

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