koan bogiatto

My name is Koan (Dan) Bogiatto and I am an entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, podcaster, influencer and co-founder of Tribeke.
I’ve explored over 120 nations in the world, I live and I’ve lived in various nations such as Italy, USA, India and Japan.

I am also the only italian to have recieved the Green Card for “Extraordinary ability and person” in the training and business coaching field, a high honor from the American Government.
I have been consultant and trainer, in the past, for 21th Century, eBay, INA Assitalia, Wind, The Polytechnic of Turin, Sai, Gruppo de Longhi e Sole 24ore.

I have also been chosen as the eBay Super Expert for over 4 years, becoming a point of reference for over 5 million people: only 2 people have been chosen for this job in the world.
My mission is to help people live the life they desire.

I am the founder and partner of many companies, also outside of the training field, such as Real Estate with an international investment fund, and also in the food, security and automotive business.
My companies go from Singapore to Usa, Italy, India and U.K.

This is my dream and vision for the Tribeke Token that I wish to share and co-create with the community:


Dense with meaning and insipirational for many, this world is an ambition for a desirabile life.
But do all know that real freedom is decentralized?

I don’t think so: sadly, most have been schooled to believe to a false sense of freedom.

The whole world has been hypnotized with centralized freedom.
How can somebody be free when they use a passport (centralized document), put their money in bank accounts (centralized financial institution), buy and sell houses through a notary (centralized power) and sees their property inserted in a real estate record (centralized record) and uses money produced and printed by the Central Bank (another centralized institution)?

The Tribeke Token is the currency for all the ones who decide to be truly free, and achieve the power of real freedom: decentralization (DEFR = decentralized freedom).

More passports, a liquid business, traveling and living in different nations, being able to benefit from the rights of international citizenship and so on.
The TRBK is the decentralized currency to experiment and experience what has only been a dream until now.